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Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

Synchronizers P6-1 and P7-1

The synchronizers P6-1 (Mat.Nr, 0990 254306) and P7-1 (Mat.Nr. 9800 327003) are only available as spare parts through the Dürkopp Adler Sales organization. Efka does not offer these synchronizers anymore.

Due to a drastic price increase of an electronic pre-supplier, the sales price has unfortunately increased significantly, too. Instead of discontinuing these materials due to the high cost, Dürkopp Adler has decided in favour of its customers to stock a large quantity of these synchronizers to secure a spare parts supply for a long period of time.

The synchronizers are used for DC1600 motors from Efka. These motors may be exchanged by the new model DC1550. Check further information about it in a post about exchange possibilities for DC1600 motors.

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