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Samstag, 22. Oktober 2011

Make Dürkopp Adler produce what you are missing - Join the Forum for suggestions!

In 150 years of its history, Dürkopp Adler has developed and produced nearly any sewing machine you can imagine. Obviously, during the process of launching new models and discontinuing others, helpful attachments, sewing gauges, or other parts appeared and disappeared, too, and not in every case the decision to discontinue something was right.

Some of these obsolete parts may be desperately needed by many people, but the headquarter may not know it because communication around the world used to be difficult before the internet came up. Today, we are in a new situation and are able again to discuss these issues effectively with helpful tools like forums.

I invite everybody who likes Dürkopp Adler machines to think about this, and post your suggestions for helpful parts, attachments, sewing gauges, or any other equipment which should be relaunched or invented to make the most out of your Dürkopp Adler sewing machine. Join our FORUM and make Dürkopp Adler produce what you are missing!

We will check these suggestions, analyze and give feedback. Of course, production must be profitable for us, too, so if you want Dürkopp Adler to produce something as a regular part or attachment, you should ask other friends or machine users to join and post their comments, too.

If you have something you need, but most probably will need it only one time, you may ask for a special manufacturing at any of our distributors around the world. They will forward your requirements to us, so that we can analyize if we can make it or not. See this post for more information.

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