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Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011

How to make money with a sewing machine?

When using an industrial sewing machine, you will earn money if your machine has the right productivity in relation to the investment. The cost of usage must be affordable, too.

The productivity of an industrial sewing machine depends on
  1. The sewing speed or cycle time: High-speed sewing drives or possibilities of overlapped working methods have positive effects on the productivity. Modern automatic sewing units have extremely short cycle times and often do many operations in one.
  2. The quality of the machine: Machine breakdowns have a big negative impact on the productivity.
  3. The possibilities for an easy service and maintenance: Quick change of wear & tear parts or easy access to maintenance areas avoid long idle times.
  4. The ability of the machine user: Trained workers are crucial to ensure a high output.
  5. The design of the working place: If the fabric is not handled properly, no guides are used or the machine design is disadvantageous, cycle times will be bad.
  6. The quality of the spare parts: Only high quality spare parts grant a constant quality and lead to less breakdowns.
  7. The quality of the local service: If you cannot fix a machine by yourself, you should have a qualified service partner.
  8. The availability of a good machine documentation: Only with a good parts list and a good manual you will be able to run your machine properly and identify necessary parts without problems.
  9. The strength of the machine manufacturer/brand: Make sure the manufacturer can supply all necessary spare parts quickly to you or your local dealer or service partner.
  10. The quality of the consultancy when you buy a machine: A good and skilled sales consultant will offer you the appropriate machine for your requirement. If he or she cannot suggest alternative machines or helpful additional equipment, he or she is most probably not very skilled and you will not get the best solution.
The cost of usage depends on
  1. The power consumption: Modern high tech sewing drives have low power consumption. If you use a lot of machines, this will make a difference.
  2. The consumption of compressed air: Compressed air is very expensive. Make sure there is no air leakage in your compressor and the tubes and use good air filters to avoid pollution. Today, many modern sewing machines without compressed air offer the same functions as the older models with compressed air.
  3. The spare parts prices: Cheap parts very often are very bad and cost more at the end, because you will need much more parts and pay higher freight for more deliveries.
  4. The interest rates for your investment.
Although investments in sewing machines are not as expensive as in other industries, it makes sense to think about all these points before you take a decision.
Dürkopp Adler as one of the world´s best known sewing machine brands with 150 years of experience cares about all the points above and offers customized affordable solutions through authorized distribution partners for you so that you really can earn money with sewing machines.
High quality spare parts compatible for other brands are also available from stock in the online shop sew24.com.

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