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Freitag, 3. August 2012

Best Practice: Stacker for pocket welting sewing unit 745-34

The automatic Dürkopp Adler pocket welting sewing unit for runstitching of rectangular or slanted piped pockets, flap pockets and welt pockets can be retrofitted with a stacker.
The sewn material will be picked by the stacker after thread cutting and foot lifting, moved away from the machine and stacked, keeping the bundle order.
In the meantime the seamstress can begin with the next part.
For the sewing units Class 745-34, Variants A, B, D and F, the flip stacker 0745 597554 is offered. When stacking "sidewards", also a table extension 0745 597684 is required.

Flip stacker for Dürkopp Adler pocket welting sewing unit 745-34 (Variants A, B, D and F)

For the Speedpocket sewing unit 745-34 S, you can retrofit a universtal grip stacker 0745 427514.

Grip stacker for Dürkopp Adler Pocket welting sewing unit 745-34 S ("Speedpocket")

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