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Freitag, 10. August 2012

Fullness device for classes 275, 175 and 176

The Dürkopp Adler sewing machines classes 275-140342, 275-740642, 175-141621 and 176-141621 can be retrofitted with a device for activating a preset fullness.

There are two types of devices:

With the first one you can activate the preset maximum fullness while sewing by pressing a second pedal. Depending on the pressure on the pedal, a fullness between zero and the maximum value will be entered into the seam. It is not necessary to take off a hand for activating. However, the pedal must be pressed as long as you need fullness.
The device can be ordered with part No. 0275 590014.
For class 275-140342, an additional knee lever kit must be ordered in case the machine is used without any compressed air.
With the second type, the preset fullness can be activated and deactivated by a push button.
The order numbers depend on the machine class.
For classes 175-141621 and 176-141621   Order No. 0175 590044
For classes 275-140342 und 275-740642   Order No. 0275 590044

Typical sewing operations for class 275-140342 with fullness device are:
sew wing pockets, darts and waist pleats, prefabrication fo lining, attach side panels to front or back parts sleeve seams, sew pocket flaps

Class 275-740642 with edge trimmer and fullness device is often used for:
sew undercollar to upper collar and trim, sew and trim front edges, attach waistband, darts

Class 175-141621 with fullness device is often used for:
Attach lining to facing, Rückenmittelnaht

Class 176-141621 with fullness device is often used for:
taping, attach skirt waistband

Sew breast side parts into front with Dürkopp Adler 275-140342 with fullness device

If you want to buy a new machine with an integrated fullness device, you can chose the classes 275-142342 and 275-742642.

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