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Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2012

Vintage leaflets for Adler sewing machines - part 4

The Adler class 104 and class 105 were made for leatherworkers and to sew heavy upholstery. Seems that many chinese machines like Cowboy Sewing, or Cobra sewing machines are more or less clones of these machines or at least based on these old constructions or on the successors class 204 and 205.

Many 104 or 105 machines are still in use or traded as used machines, so we publish the leaflets to make the identification easier.
Leaflet Adler Class 104 (10MB)
Leaflet Adler Class 105 (9MB)

The class 268 was produced in more than 20 subclasses and one of the most versatile models Adler ever had, also often used in shoe manufacturing.
Leaflet Adler class 268 part 1 (11MB),
Leaflet Adler class 268 part 2 (14MB),

Dürkopp Adler continued to produce the old Adler class 269 and took the machine off the product range only a few years ago.
Leaflet Adler class 269 (3MB)

Double chainstich machines classes 370, 371 and double lockstitch machines  class 396 were used mainly in the garment production.
Leaflets Adler classec 370, 371 and 396 (25 MB)

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More manuals or parts books of old Adler machines and other important documentation you will find in the
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Sewing machine Adler Class 105

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