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Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012

Upgrade class 767 with short thread trimmer

The Dürkopp Adler class 767 can be upgraded by a short thread trimmer for thread ends of 5mm.
The advantages are:
  • Up to 5% productivity increase depending on the sewing operation
  • Thread savings (up to 30mm thread per cut)
  • Smallest thread nest even at seam beginning
  • Short thread ends independent from stitch lengths
  • Best quality independent from operator

Short thread ends compared to regular thread ends

The upgrade must be conducted by a qualified technician with good knowledge about class 767. The retrofit assembly can be done within 3-4 hours depending on the subclass of the machine.

The following retrofit kits are available:
For class 767-FAS-373 (Machine with 2. stitch length):
Retrofit kit 0767 590224
Assembly manual for 767-FAS-373 (German/ English)

For class 767-FA-373 (Machine without 2. stitch length):
Retrofit kit 0767 590134
Assembly manual for 767-FA-373 (German/ English)
Important Note: The upgrade of class 767-FA-373 is much more difficult and requires very good knowledge of the machine adjustment. It is recommended to involve the Dürkopp Adler Service .

In both cases, the standard hook must be replaced by the hook 0767 150504.

Dürkopp Adler class 767-FAS-373

Other machine conversion possibilities can be found in the menu "Conversion" of this blog.

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