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Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2012

Wear & Tear Parts Lists for Dürkopp Adler and Beisler Machines

For preventive maintenance, it is important to know the most important wear& tear parts of the sewing machine. These parts are normally shown in the parts books but not always marked as high mortality parts.

Today we publish a list of part numbers of wear and tear parts for most of the machines which were or are offered in our program in the last approx. 5 years. If you require a complete high mortality parts kit, we have added recommended quantities. There are no pictures of the parts included in the file.
Based on the demand we will add more machine classes in the future.
After opening, the list can be dowloaded as an Excel or Text file or in other formats.
The list contains normally only the wear & tear parts of the sewing head, not the sewing gauge parts. The gauge parts must be looked up as usual in the respective parts books on the sewing equipment pages.

We kindly ask you to answer 5 questions anonymously before opening or downloading the file to help us improving this service. After that you will get the download link.
Open complete wear & tear parts list

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