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Montag, 13. Februar 2012

Benefits of the M-Type series for maintenance and repairs

The M-Type, the best selling triple feed machine for medium heavy duty sewing ever, offers not only unbeatable sewing performance but also a lot of benefits with regard to service and maintenance.

The biggest advantages are:
  • Low service and repair cost due to 30% less mechanical parts than in the former 767 series. Less parts reduce the probability of defects and save cost for stocking spare parts.
  • Only 5 tools for the adjustment of the complete machine. Who is using different machine types like flatbed, postbed, long-arm, etc., will appreciate that the same tools can be used for all types. It will also save time for technician training.
  • Quick machine cover disassembly. Only 10 screws must be unfastened to disassemble all covers before you can already start servicing the machine. This will save valuable working time.
  • Many sewing gauges of class 767 and other Dürkopp Adler machines can be used. Who has some gauge parts of those machines on stock can use them on the M-Type, too. See an overview of the usable parts. Also a couple of  piping and zipper feet of other machines are used on the M-Type.
  • An oil control glass with warning light will avoid late oil recharge and will increase the machine lifetime.
Servicing the machine can be supported by a preventive maintenance plan. With this plan, all maintenance work and spare part consumption can easily be documented.

Open product overview M-Type

Dürkopp Adler M-Type class 867-140342

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