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Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2012

Best Practice: High quality top stitching of large leather or upholstery pieces with pneumatic seam center guide

The Dürkopp Adler classes 767 and 768 can be equipped with the pneumatic seam center guide N800 005611. This guide perfectly supports the top stitiching of large and heavy leather or upholstery pieces in 2-needle applications.
The result are high-class fancy seams with an exactly equal distance to the assembly seam.
The up- and downlifting of the guide is done easyly and practically by an intgrated push button. The guide can be adjusted in height by means of a lever. The guide can also be used for 1-needle applications as an edge guide.
To use this attachment, the machine must be equipped with an electropneumatic seam tacking and electropneumatic foot lift already.

Dürkopp Adler class 768 with pneumatic seam center guide

It is also necessary to replace the standard transport feet by special compensating feet:
0768 222264 Compensating foot 6mm needle distance
0768 222274 Compensating foot 8mm needle distance
0768 222284 Compensating foot 10mm needle distance
0768 222294 Compensating foot 12mm needle distance

Pnematic seam center guide N800 005611

Lever for height adjustment

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