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Freitag, 21. September 2012

Sew luxury leather bag handles with Dürkopp Adler 205: Best practice

How to sew high quality handles for leather bags and handbags?  Special sewing gauges on the Dürkopp Adler sewing machine class 205-370 will give you the best results.

The welt and the welt jacket are guided directly by the sewing foot so that an additonal edge guide is not necessary. The distance between the material edge and the seam is always equal and small. This supports the luxury look and feel of the bag handle. This solution produces nearly no waste caused by bad seams or stitches so that you can save a lot of expensive leather.

The price of the sewing gauge parts is not only attractive for industrial producers but also for small manufacturers who already own a 205-370 or think about buying a used one and equip the machine with this gauge.

Sew luxury leather bag handles with Dürkopp Adler class 205-370 and a special sewing gauge

The gauge parts can be ordered with the following article numbers:

Welt (Piping)12mm:
0205 V92264 throat plate
0205 V92265 feed dog
0205 V92266 transport foot
0205 V92267 presser foot

Welt (piping)14mm:
0205 V92488 throat plate
0205 V92489 feed dog
0205 V92490 transport foot
0205 V92491 presser foot

Constant distance between edge and seam for luxury look of the bag handle

How to sew welt into leather bag handle

Material guide within the sewing foot saves additional edge guide when sewing leather bag handles

Highest quality for sewing leather bag handles with Dürkopp Adler Class 205-370

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