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Dienstag, 18. September 2012

Adjustment of a sewing machine hook with loop stroke adjustment gauges

The position of the hook to the needle is very important for a good sewing result. The adjustment must be done precisely. To make this adjustment easier, loop stroke adjustment gauges with regulating blocks can be used in the following way:

1. Turn the hand wheel (as described in the manual) until the needle reaches its lowest position. (picture A).
Hook adjustment: Lowest needle position

2. Put the loop stroke adjustment gauge 1 on the regulating block 2 (picture B) and move it on the needle bar upwards until the gauge adjoins the needle bar bushing. Now fasten the regulating block with screw 3. Make sure that the position of the needle bar does not change while doing this.
Hook adjustemnt: Fasten loop stroke adjustment gauge

3. Pull out the loop stroke adjustment gauge (picture C). Turn the hand wheel until the fastened regulating block adjoins the needle bar bushing.
Hook adjustment: Pull out the loop stroke adjustment gauge

4. Adjust the hook position in a way that the hook tip is located in the middle of the needle (Picture D).
Hook adjustment: Hook tip in the middle of the needle

5. The hook is adjusted correctly now. Fasten all screws and remove regulating block 2.

If you need to sew very heavy materials and yarns, the measurement of the gauge is only an average measure and should be corrected according to the exceptional measures of fabric and yarn.

See a list of available loop stroke adjustment gauges für Dürkopp Adler sewing machines in this overview.

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