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Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

Best Practice: Special sewing gauges for Dürkopp Adler class 275-142342

With its bottom feed and differential top feed, the class 275-140342 belongs to the world class sewing machines for garment production. By special sewing gauges, even most difficult sewing operations can be done with best quality and highest productivity. Here are some examples:

1. Sewing gauge for inserting zippers (275 E 13)
Fields of application: skirts, trousers, dresses
Feeding foot in front of the needle (flat seams and fullness), positioned within the sewing foot.
Stitch length max. 4mm, top feed length max. 6mm
Not applicable for "blind" zippers.

The sewing gauge E13 consists of:
0275 220334 Hinged presser foot
0275 220350 Transport foot
0211 004521 Throat plate
0271 006602 Feed
0275 310614 Block

2. Sewing equipment for topstitching angular collars and cuffs (275 E 26)
with swivable edge guide
Fields of application: Shirts and blouses
seam margin 1,5 mm and larger than 5 mm
Feeding foot beside and behind the needle (flat seams), positioned within he sewing foot
Stitch length max. 4mm, top feed length max. 6mm

The sewing gauge E26 consists of:
0271 006522 Throat plate
0273 006604 Feed dog
0275 220580 Transport foot
0275 220594 Hinged presser foot
N900 040037 Guide

3. Sewing equipment for hemming operations of 6 mm (275 E 28)
with divided hemmer, pneumatically swivable
Other hemming widths on request
Fields of application: skirts, dresses, shirts, blouses
Feeding foot in front of and beside the needle (flat seams and fullness)

The sewing gauge E 28 consists of:
0271 006522 Throat plate
0273 006604 Feed dog
0275 220214 Hinged presser foot
0275 220250 Transport foot
0275 310614 Block

Necessary additional equipment:
N005 225303 divided hemmer
A maintenance unit for pneumatic equipments 9780 000108 and a pneumatic connection package is also necessary.

For the operation "Hemming shirt", the stand MG53 400018 is recommended, where the cutoff for the machine head is turned by 10 degrees agaist the clock sense for better handling.

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