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Montag, 30. Januar 2012

Dürkopp Parts Book Class 556 - Vintage technical documentation

The legendary buttonhole machine Dürkopp class 556 is still in use in some factories, due to its robust construction. Of course, many spare parts for this machine are also still available.

We are publishing today the parts list dated 1975 in two files, because the book has nearly 200 pages which makes the scanned file very large. Even divided, the file sizes are over 17 MB, so the download can take a while.
Download Teileliste Dürkopp Klasse 556 Part 1
Download Teileliste Dürkopp Klasse 556 Part 2

The latest isuse dated 1982 can be downloaded from the Dürkopp Adler homepage in the download section.

Even though a couple of parts are not available as standard parts anymore, they may be produced in single manufacturing. For further information, please read our post how to get obsolete parts.

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