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Montag, 18. Februar 2013

Very heavy duty stitching with Dürkopp Adler Class 221 and special sewing drive

Stitching through 5 layers of very heavy leather is a tough job and brings any sewing machines at its limits. Even though Dürkopp Adler class 221 is already discontinued and replaced by the new H867 heavy duty sewing machine, it is still in use all over the world to do this job and often traded by used sewing machine dealers.

Now there is a new, much more powerful sewing drive package available for class 221 that will exceed the limits and make this machine one of the most powerful stitchers in the world.

The package consists of the new DAC sewing drive made by Dürkopp Adler and a better balance wheel together with assembly parts (Order No. 9889 022106 8S). It is recommended to convert machines from the old VD554 control and motor to this solution in case the old motor and control are not repairable anymore, because VD554 is discontinued.

Check the impressive power of this sewing machine in the following video:

Dürkopp Adler Class 221 for heavy sewing operations in leather and technical Textile 

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