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Montag, 4. Februar 2013

Hemmer feet for Dürkopp Adler classes 281, 271 and 272

Dürkopp Adler offers hemmer feet with attractive prices in proven quality from own manufacturing plants.

A hemmer foot is mainly used when sewing soft, "floating" materials like Chiffon, Georgette, Voile, Crepe de Chine, etc., and for hemming small tissues and sleeve vent underfacings.
Instead of sewing this in two operations, it can be done in only one operation by using these special feet on Dürkopp Adler machines classes 281, 271 or 272.

The advantage of a hemmer foot compared to the usage of an additional hemming attachment is that the hem can be guided or controlled until the hem is very close to the needle.
Details about how to order you will find here:
Hemmer feet program with remarks regarding adjustmens and operation

Klick on image to download hemmer feet program of Dürkopp Adler

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