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Freitag, 3. Februar 2012

Vintage leaflets for Adler sewing machines - part 3

Many sewing machines of the former Kochs Adler AG are still in use and are traded as used machines since decades. It is important to know exactly which class and subclass the machine has to identify spare parts correctly or use the right manuals.
Today, we are publishing the next part of the historical documentation in the download section of this blog.

The leaflets for Adler class 67 part 1, 67 part 2, 167 part 1, 167 part 2, 168, 220, 221266 and 267 part 1, 267 part 2 have been added.

These machines have been sold in various subclasses, so we have divided some catalogues into two parts. The files are very large, so the download can take a couple of minutes.

Go to Part 1
Go to part 2
Go to Part 4
Go to Part 5
Go to Part 6

How to get obsolete parts

Leaflet Adler sewing machine class 67

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