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Montag, 4. Juni 2012

Best practice: Neat seam beginning for Dürkopp Adler M-Type

The retrofit kit "Neat Seam Beginning" ensures a short and neatly sewn needle thread at the seam beginning.
After the first stitch at the seam beginning, the needle thread is locked by the thread clamp and pulled back by the thread puller so that the needle thread protrudes the material a little bit.

It is possible to adjust how far the needle thread is being pulled back.
The retrofit kit NSB 20-1 with order number 0867 591004 can be used for the following machine classes with short thread trimmer:

In class 867-190146 with short thread trimmer, it is already assembled as a serial equipment.

Download installation manual
Go to product overview M-Type

Effect of the kit "Neat Seam Beginning" for Dürkopp Adler M-Type
Thread tension plate for kit "Neat Seam Beginning" for Dürkopp Adler M-Type

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