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Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011

Parts Books for Adler class 30, 104 and 105 - Vintage technical documentation, Part 3

Here are the parts books for sewing machine Adler class 30, Adler class 104, Adler class 105.

There is also more information where to get Adler class 30 and related spare parts.

We have published also an overview for hemmers for classes 67, 104, 105, 204, 205, 167, 367, 467, 220, 296, 370, 396, 1296, etc. and another technical documentation with  braiding, piping and cording feet and attachment for old Adler sewing machines 

Not all of these parts are still being produced, but in some cases they could be done by a special manufacturing.
The files are pretty large with 2MB to 9 MB, so it could take a while to download it.

All available vintage documents are listed in the download section of this blog.
Who is searching for specific old or vintage documents can leave a comment here without registration. I will check it and post it if it is available.

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