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Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2011

Best practice: How to sew felled seams in leather with special foot with integrated guide

For felled seams in leather normally an adjustabe additional edge guide is used. With the innovative sewing feet with integrated guide from Dürkopp Adler you will not need this additional guide anymore.
Adjustable guides are a great help, but have the disadvantage of slightly varying distance between seam and edge due to manual adjustment.

The advantages are:
  • easy handling due to small sewing gauge size and free sewing area
  • always correct and constant distance between edge and seam
  • constant high quality sewing result

Dürkopp Adler offers tw types of feet (see attached pictures):
  • feet with long sword for mainly straight seams
  • feet with short sword for frequent curved seams 
All feet are available with integrated guide on the right or the left side of the needle.
Click on the photos to enlarge:

Special sewing foot with integrated edge guide with long sword

Special sewing foot with integrated edge guide with short sword

M-Type 868-390322 using special sewing foot with integrated edge guide with short sword

The whole program with part numbers can be checked in our attachment brochure starting on page 31.

The sewing feet can be used in the following Dürkopp Adler classes (only one-needle machines!):
367, 467, 767, 768, 667, 867, 868, 669, 869

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