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Mittwoch, 13. März 2013

How to thread the yarn correctly in the guide on the thread stand

Dürkopp Adler thread stands normally have thread guides with two groups of four holes each.

The thread that comes from the thread roll shall be guided vertically up through the most outside hole (seen from the thread stand).
By guiding the thread trough up to four holes, the thread will be appeased and guided smoothly to the sewing machine. This will avoid twirling or looping of the thread.

The more a thread tends to twirl, the more holes it should be guided through.
The more holes the thread is passing, more tension is generated to the thread. This may lead to unthreading the yarn off the needle (for example after thread cutting). In this case, the number of holes the thread is passing must be reduced.

Yarn holder with thread guide Dürkopp Adler
Dürkopp Adler also offers enforced yarn roll holders for up to 3 yarn plates with the kit 0791 001079. It contains already 2 yarn plates, a third one must be ordered with materail no.  0791 001128 in addition. The thread guide which is already included in the kit has 22 holes and is prepared to be used with even more yarn holders that can be mounted to the stand (for example another holder arm 0791 001109 plus 3 yarn plates 0791 001128).

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