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Dienstag, 26. März 2013

Change Dürkopp Adler class 745 to other needle distance or welt pocket type

The pocket welting sewing unit class 745 can be converted at any time to a new needle distance or welt pocket type.

In the following overview you will find the necessary parts and material numbers to order. Please proceed as follows:

1. Check the exact class and subclass of the machine (e.g. 745-34 S, 745-34-3A, etc.) and the manufactruing year. Then, open the respective table of conversion parts:

Overview about conversion parts:
Class 745-34 S from 2003
Class 745-34 S from January 2009
Class 745-34-1 A from January 2009
Class 745-34-2 A from June 2004
Class 745-34-3 A from January 2009
Class 745-35 S from March 2013

2. Measure the exact needle distance of your machine (e.g. 10 mm, 14 mm, 24 mm, etc.)

3. Check what you sew (trousers, jacket, etc) and which welt you are using (single piped left/ right or double piped).

4. Mark the sewing equipment and the folding stamp in the table according to your actual machine equipment.

5. To convert your machine without special technical skills, you will need a sewing equipment and a folding stamp that fits to your new sewing operation. Select these components in the table.

If you want to change only the needle distance, there is only a new folder required. In all other cases you will need a sewing equipment and a folding stamp.

Example: Conversion 745-34 S, manufacturing year 2011, from 12mm needle distance, trouser application, double piped, into 20mm needle distance, jacket application, single piped right.

Actual equipment:
sewing equipment N 312 (0745 283124), folding stamp S 177 (0745 547824)
To cnovert, you need to order:
sewing equipment N 320 (0745 283204), folding stamp S 117 (0793 026783)

Dürkopp Adler pocket welting sewing unit745-34-3 A

Trained sewing techinicians with very good skills can change only the folding stamp sole instead of the complete folding stamp.
Every folding stamp has a designation beginning  with "S" (e.g. "S 170"). The required sole can be identified in the table with this designation.
We recommend to every technician who is changing the sole for the first time to contact our service to receive exact instructions.
In the example above, you would need to order the sole 0745 541520 instead of the folding stamp S 177 (0793 026783)

For conversions of older machines please consult our technical service

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