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Dienstag, 27. März 2012

Vintage leaflets for Adler sewing machines - Part 5

A stunning number of variants was offered for the medium-heavy duty triple feed sewing machine class 467 made by Kochs Adler AG. After the merger, also Dürkopp Adler AG continued with many 467 subclasses. It was only a few years ago, when the last remaining longarm sewing machine class 467-65 was replaced by the modern M-Type sewing machines.

Leaflets Adler class 467 part 1 (18 MB)
Leaflets Adler class 467 part 2 (21 MB)

The class Adler class 568 is the predecessor of class Dürkopp Adler class 768.

Leaflets Adler class 568 (5 MB)

Adler also offered bartack classes 501 and 504

Leaflets Adler bartackers (4 MB)

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Other downloads with manuals and parts lists for old Adler sewing machines you will find in the  download section of this blog, as well as information about how to get obsolete parts.

Leaflet Adler Sewing machine class 467

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