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Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

Retrofit seam back tacking

Many industrial sewing machines are equipped with an automatic seam backtacking. This device locks the seam against accidental opening and thereby improves the quality.
When backtacking, the machine will stitch in reverse direction into the same stitch holes. The sketch shows stitches and direction. Angles are only used for better understanding:

Seam backtacking

Machines in the middle and high price range normally come with electropneumatic seam backtacking assembled as serial equipment. However, a lot of more simple models can be retrofitted with this additional equipment which will make them more valuable.
Dürkopp Adler offers the following retrofit seam backtacking kits:

Electropneumatic seam backtacking and foot liftfor classesOrder number
RAP 12-2267, 2680268 367819
RAP 13-2767-VF-373, 767-VF-5730767 590034
RAP 13-21767-FA-273,0767 590364
RAP 13-4467-183081, 767-AE-73, 767-AE-5-73, 767-LG-73, 767-FA-373 (ab Baujahr 1999)0467 590034
RAP 14-1690069 367629
RAP 14-2269-273, 269-3730269 367819
RAP 15-7204-370, 205-3700204 590024
RAP 16-3221-760221 367719

Electropneumatic seam backtackingfor classOrder number
RSP 18-1768-274-FLP-HP
0768 590034

If you do not want to do the conversion by yourself, you can ask our international distributors for help.

Other conversion possibilities for machines you will find in the conversion menu in this blog.

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