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Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Best Practice: High-quality binding in leather and upholstery with class 205-370

For high-quality binding in leather and other heavy materials with Dürkopp Adler class 205-370 sewing machine, there is a sewing gauge with double-folding and moving 45°-binder available.

Due to new manufacturing methods, the selling price could be reduced by approx. 66%. This gives an excellent price-perfromance ratio.

The sewing gauge can be used for leather, home and car upholstery, and regular and artifical leather strips.
The single parts can be ordered with the following numbers:
N015 V91275  Binder
N800 005355  Support sheet
0205 V91281  Throat plate
0205 V91282  Feed dog
0205 V91283  Transport foot
0205 V91284  Presser foot

Other interesting soultions you will find in the Best Practice menu in this blog.

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