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Montag, 7. November 2011

Best practice: Sewing and trimming of small parts with templates on class 272-740642

With a special sewing gauge for class 272-740642, small parts like flaps, sleeve clasps, shoulder tabs, waistband extensions and the like can be sewn and trimmed easily and in best constant quality.
The sewing foot is working as an edge guide. The trimming distance is 3,5 mm.
When submitting cardboard patterns of the seam contour, templates can be ordered at Dürkopp Adler. They can be made also by your local template manufacturer.
The sewing gauge E113 for class 272-740642 consists of the following parts:

0272 068053  Foot
0272 006549  Throat plate
0272 006627  Feed dog
0219 003963  Lower knife
0272 007046  Plate
0211 000256  Screw (2x)
9204 001767  Screw
9330 700107  Disc
0272 007043  Plate

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