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Freitag, 11. November 2011

Best Practice: Sewing of narrow curves in home upholstery and automotive upholstery

In leatherworking and upholstery, especially in in automotive interior, often narrow curves must be sewn. For these kind of applications there are special sewing gauges available which can be used in the sewing machine classes 367, 767, 768, 867 and 868 from Dürkopp Adler.

There is also a version for classes 69 and 169 which must be done in single manufacturing yet. Prices for this version will be offered individually by our distributors based on required quantities.

Also new, very attractive prices for 2-needle gauges are offered.

The order numbers for the sewing gauges are:

2-needle gauges:

Needle distance 8 mm:
0768 V91357 Transport foot
0768 V91358 Presser foot

Needle distance 10 mm:
0768 V91378 Transport foot
0768 V91379 Presser foot

Needle distance 6 mm on request
1-needle gauge:
0768 V91380 Transport foot
0768 V91381 Presser foot

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