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Donnerstag, 29. September 2011

Preventive Maintenance for Dürkopp Adler M-Type machines

The revolutionary modular concept of the medium-heavy duty M-Type series of Dürkopp Adler facilitates the maintenance not only of a single machine but also of more machines of the same series with different equipment. Due to the usage of assembly modules, most of the mechanical spare parts in different machine classes are equal.

This makes the whole maintenance and repair process much easier: If the technician knows one M-Type machine class, he knows all classes and will recognize most of the elements in other M-Type classes. With this, the spare parts stock can be reduced. The maintenance for all M-Type classes is equal.

This enables us to standardize the preventive maintenance. Dürkopp Adler has developed an M-Type maintenance plan which fits for all classes and can be used even for previous triple feed machines of Dürkopp Adler. With the maintenance plan, all maintenance measures can be documented and all following measures can be implemented. There is also a useful table to note the wear & tear parts which must be ordered.

So, the responsible service manager can lead, control and repeat a standardized preventive maintenance and make sure that the productivity in his company or department will be as high as possible.

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