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Donnerstag, 29. September 2011

For how long can I get spare parts for my Dürkopp Adler sewing machine?

The condition for the best amortization of a high quality sewing machine is a long supply and availability of spare parts. A machine is often used more than 5 years. From several requests we know that some machines are used for 30 years or more.

But what if a machine is cancelled from the actual sales program of the manufacturer? For how long can a supply with spare parts beyond the warranty period be expected?

While for some machine brand from Asia even the availability of parts during the warranty period is critical, Dürkopp Adler offers an outstanding parts policy for the industry: Mechanical parts manufactured in own production plants can normally be supplied for at least 10 years. Wear & tear parts (high mortality parts) like hooks, knives, feet, bobbins, etc. are delivered even longer, as long as there is a sufficient demand. This can be more than 20 years! There are still a couple of parts in the price list for machines which have been cancelled since more than 30 years.

The availability of electronic parts depends much more on the developments of the electronic supplier markets. Consequently, you must count with shorter availability due to the quick technical progress. However, in most cases, electronic components can be repaired or an exchange repair is offered in case a new control box or board is no longer available.

This policy contributes substantially to the fact that Dürkopp Adler sewing machines lose much less value over time than machines from other brands. Thus, they can be marketed profitably as used machines, too.

In general, the parts program of Dürkopp Adler is not limited to wear & tear parts only. Normally, most of the assembly parts of a Dürkopp Adler machine are available as spare parts if there are no technical limitations.

To identify the part number, the best way is to download a parts book from the Dürkopp Adler homepage.
Actual Dürkopp Adler Parts books
Vintage Dürkopp and Adler parts books

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