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Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

How to sew velvet on Dürkopp Adler class 273 and 274

When sewing velvet or comparable fabric right side on right side or attaching the lining, it is often difficult to realize a seam that is equal in edge and length.

The problem is caused by pressing down the gauze during the the material feed by the sewing foot.

To improve the sewing result, Dürkopp Adler offers optional parts kits that bring the sewing foot into a "floating" position by a setting wheel. The gauze will not be pressed down. The feeding of the material is done by the puller feed mechanism of the machine.

This solution may cause some feeding problems at the seam beginning and when sewing corners that must be compensated by the operator before the puller feed catches the fabric.

The class 274 shows even better reuslts than the class 273 due to the additional needle feed mechanism.
The following part kits can be ordered and also be retrofitted:

Parts kit "floating sewing foot" for Class 273: Order number 0273 001041
Parts kit "floating sewing foot" for Class 274: Order number 0274 001141

The setting wheel must be adjusted according to the fabric so that the seam is equal in edge and length but the foot pressure is still sufficient to avoid "fluttering" of the fabric.

Parts kit "floating sewing foot" for Dürkopp Adler Class 273 and 274

Sewing machine for velvet: Dürkopp Adler Class 273/ 274

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