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Montag, 5. November 2012

How to measure the thread tension with a spring scale

A spring scale, e.g. from the company Pesola, helps to quickly, precisely and easily find out the thread tension of Dürkopp Adler sewing machines and sewing automats (see pictures).

The recommended thread tensions can be adjusted optimally – no matter if electronic or mechanic thread tension. This saves valuable time for adjustment and trials.
Measurement of thread tension with a spring scale (Pic. 1)

Measurement of thread tension with a spring scale (Pic. 2)

Online order at www.pesola.com

For Dürkopp Adler standard sewing machines:
Article-No.: 40300 / 3 Capacity: 300 g

For Dürkopp Adler special sewing machines and sewing automats:
Article-No.: 41000 / 3 Capacity: 1000 g


  1. what are recommended tension numbers in grams for classic 867

  2. There is not only one recommended thread tension for the 867 classic machine.
    The tension must be adjusted according to the fabric (textiles or leather) and the number of layers by adjusting the upper and/or the lower thread tension (see manual for details). Leather normally requires higher tensions than textiles. It is good when the knot is always in the middle of the material.
    Then, the thread tension should be measured with the spring scale and annotated so that it can be easily reproduced in other machines or when the fabric or sewing operation changes very often and requires different tensions.

  3. is it normal for the bobbin and spool tensions to be different and still have knot in the middle of fabric?