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Freitag, 4. Mai 2012

Best Practice: Switch between two stitch lengths and multiple needle thread tensions

The Durkopp Adler class 272-160362 can be equipped with a device for switching between two stitch lengths and different needle thread tension values. So, you can use the same machine for different sewing operations.
The order No. of this Triflex conversion kit is 0272 590014.

According to the switch value beneath the adjustment wheels, the following variants can be selected by a push button.:
  • normal stitch length and normal tension
  • normal stitch length and partially higher tension
  • big stitch length and reduced tension (basting stiches)
  • big stitch length and higher tension (fancy seams)
The assembly kit kan be retrofitted to the machine.A positioning motor Efka DC1600/DA220C and a control panel V810 or V820 is required.
Assembly and operation instruction

Dürkopp Adler Triflex Klasse 272-160362 Application example 1
Dürkopp Adler Klasse 272-160362 Triflex adjustment elements

Dürkopp Adler Triflex 272-160362 Apllication example 2
Dürkopp Adler Triflex 272-160362 Pllication example 3

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