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Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

Better fabric transport by compensating presser foot with controlled soles

When sewing folded, hemmed, tape-reinforced or bound fabric edges with different material thicknesses, a compensating presser foot with adjacent, controlled soles can be helpful.

Compensating presser foot with adjacent, controlled soles Dürkopp Adler

The pressure from the presser spring is distributed to both soles resulting in an optimized material feed in the whole presser foot area.

This enables a steady sewing of different material thicknesses with different numbers of layers.

Big differences in material thicknesses

Small differences in material thicknesses

For Dürkopp Adler class 272-140342, the compensating presser foot 0272 006878 with edge of 2 mm on the right side of the needle and max. 4 mm stitch length is available for light to medium fabrics.
The sewing equipment is completed by the feed dog 0272 006613 and the throat plate 0272 006516.
When ordering a new machine, the complete sewing equipment can be ordered with number 0272 E00023.

Dürkopp Adler Class 272-140342

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