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Freitag, 19. April 2013

Ultraviolet sewing light for M-Type and buttonholer class 580 from Dürkopp Adler

Leather or sensitive fabrics are sometimes marked with with an UV-liquid filled pen instead of chalk. The fluorescent marking can bee seen only under ultraviolet light.

For Dürkopp Adler M-Type and buttonhole sewing automats class 580, the integrated LED sewing light can be exchanged by an ultraviolet LED seing light to make these markings visible.

Ultraviolet sewing light Dürkopp Adler M-Type illuminates UV-marking on Leather

The Ultraviolet LED sewing lamps can be ordered with the following part numbers:
0867 V91959 UV-LED sewing lamp for M-Type
0580 V91960 UV-LED sewing lamp for class 580

Standard LED sewing light for Dürkopp Adler M-Type
Standard LED sewing light for Dürkopp Adler buttonholer class 580

UV markings are often made with the following pens or liquids:
UV pen to be filled with UV liquid
UV marking liquid

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