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Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2012

Sewing foot turret for classes 211, 271 and 272 from Dürkopp Adler

When you need to change sewing feet often for different sewing operations with special sewing feet, a presser foot turret can be very helpful and give you a good productivity improvement.

You can mount this turret with three different feet, for example, a hinged presser foot, zipper foot and compensating foot.

The sewing feet need to have the right measurement from the throat plate to the fixing screw of the foot. Lever feet cannot be used.

The price has been reduced substantially on Dec 18, 2012 and is actually approx. 400 EUR when purchasing in Germany. If your local dealer offers much higher prices, please ask him for a price update from the factory.

The turrets are produced in very low quantities, so that you may need to wait a couple of weeks in case the part is not on stock.

The order numbers are:

Sewing foot turret 0271 000892 for classes 211 and 271
Sewing foot turret 0272 000912 for class 272

Sewing foot turret for Dürkopp Adler 211, 271 and 271

Presser foot turret for Dürkopp Adler 211, 271 and 271 with edge guide

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