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Dienstag, 24. April 2012

Compatible binders for Pfaff industrial sewing machines

Dürkopp Adler offers a couple of high quality standard binders which fit to Pfaff industrial sewing machines of classes 1245, 1425-900/81, 1425-900/82, 145, 335, 487, 545, 5487 verwendet werden können.

Binder fitting for Pfaff industrial sewing machines

The binders can be ordered easily in the internet shop sew24.com.

The following binders are available (to order, just click on the material number):

Material No.compatible withMeasures
N014 00501891-040 452-23/05212x4,5x1,0
N014 00504920x5,0x0,8
N014 00508691-040 452-23/06214x5,0x1,0
N014 00545391-040 452-23/06416x5,0x1,0
N014 005469N014 00546920x6,0x0,8
N014 00547591-040 452-23/08622x6,0x1,0
N014 00562816x3,0x0,8
N014 00564491-040 452-23/07022x5,0x1,0
N014 00610091-040 452-23/04414x4,0x1,0
N014 00641491-040 452-23/13920x7,0x1,0

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